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Rocket Propelled Grenade
***Updated: Friday, March 19th, 2011***
***The Following is a Modified Excerpt from "Iranian Military Capability 2011"***

The RPG is a light-weight shoulder-fired ant-tank weapon designed for use against lightly armored targets. In Iranian service it also functions as a squad support weapon.

Two types of RPG launchers with Jooya sights (Mehr News)
Iran manufactures the RPG-7 domestically, albeit with a few changes; wooden furniture has been replaced by synthetic; three sizes are produced, a standard version with a grip behind the trigger unit. The second, shorter 'commando' version, has its secondary grip in front of the trigger unit, the third type, for airborne troops has a break-down barrel, similar to the RPG-7D. Also available, though probably still only in prototype development, is an under-slung launcher that can be mounted onto assault rifles much like a grenade launcher. Iran also offers a new optical sight, the Jooya-7.

Specifications: RPG-7
Caliber: 40 mm
Weight: 6.6 kg
Length: 95 cm

Specifications: RPG-7 Commando
Caliber: 40 mm
Weight: 5.28 kg
Length: 73.8 cm

Specifications: RPG-7 Breakdown
Caliber: 40 mm

Iran also produces different types of PG-7 rockets.

Nader/Basic Fath: Roughly equivalent to the basic PG-7V HEAT warhead. The Fath (or Nader) are distinguished from the PG-7V by having a more curved body and the lack of a separate contact fuse on the tip of the rocket. However, both can be assumed to be roughly equivalent to each other. Iran also produces the regular PG-7V as well.

Specifications: Nader/Basic Fath
Warhead Caliber: 80-85 mm
Warhead: RDX HEAT
Weight: 2.4 kg
Length: 90 cm
Penetration: 270-300 mm RHA
Max Velocity: 300-310 m/s
Minimum Range: 50 m
Effective Range: 300 m

Nafez /Optimized Fath: Roughly equivalent to the PG-7VL, the Nafez, or optimized Fath, feature a larger warhead and a more triangular profile.

Specifications: Nafaz / Optimized Fath

Warhead Caliber: 93 mm*

Warhead: HMX HEAT
Weight: 2.65 kg
Length: 101 cm
Penetration: 500 mm RHA
Minimum Range: 50 m

Effective Range: 300 m * = assuming equivalent to PG-7VL

Saeqeh/Fath-1: Anti-personnel fragmentation rocket similar to but smaller then the OG-7V.

Specifications: Saeqeh/Fath-1

Warhead Caliber: 40 mm
Warhead: RDX FRAG
Weight: 1.4 kg
Length: 59 cm
Lethal Radius: 7 m*
Minimum Range: 50 m
Effective Range: 120 m
* = assuming equivalent to OG-7V

Fath: Surprisingly, without an actual domestic name, the tandem warhead is based on the Nader platform but with a 30 mm precursor warhead to defeat ERA.

Specifications: Fath-1/Tandem Warhead
Warhead Caliber: 80-85 mm
Warhead: Tandem RDX HEAT
Weight: 2.6 kg
Length: 115 cm
Penetration: 270-300 mm RHA + ERA
Max Velocity: 300-310 m/s
Minimum Range: 50 m
Effective Range: 300 m

RPG-18 on the Karine-A (Unknown)
The RPG-18 is a single-shot, disposable light-AT weapon similar to the US LAW, it is not usually associated with being in Iran's inventory, however at least two pictures exists of them being used by IRGC soldiers as well as their presence on the Karine-A.

Specifications: RPG-18
Caliber: 64 mm
Weight: 2.6 kg
Length: 70 cm (1050 cm extended)
Penetration: 375 mm RHA
Launch Velocity: 115 m/s
Effective Range: 200 m
Basij 106th Battalion with RPG-18 (Youtube)


Rumored to be in Iranian service for some time, even allegedly transferred to Iraqi insurgents, but with no direct evidence of this in English language sources. However, it has been confirmed on Persian-language forums that Iran is manufacturing RPG-29 rounds under the name "Ghadir".

Specifications: PG-29V
Caliber: 105 mm
Warhead: 1.4 kg HEAT
Weight: 6.1 kg
Length: 1.1 m
Penetration:750 mm RHA OR 600 mm + ERA OR 1,500 mm concrete
Launch Velocity:
Effective Range: 300-500 m