Friday, February 26, 2010

Iran Forms First Squadron of Home Made Saeqeh Fighters

Iran Forms First Squadron of Home Made Saeqeh Fighters

Source: Fars News

The news that the IRIAF has accepted its first squadron of Saeqeh fighters into service is suprising, though not in the belief that they could not produce them, but for the fact that this was announced already, in fact, many months ago in September 2009.


Well not quite. First off, it's not even a squadron, it's 5 planes. But regardless, we'll assume that that's the Iranian interpretation of a squadron. The statement in September specifically said that the first squadron of Saeqeh's have been completed and would participate in a flyover. Note that he said nothing about them entering service. Thus, the continuity is preserved with them entering service now.

Regardless, debates will continue about its combat efficiency, or lack thereof, and whether or not they constitute a truly domestic project.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Iran Unveils Mowj-Class Destroyer

Iran Unveils Mowj-Class Destroyer

Note: This is a new section i'm trying out where I just comment on the news that comes out of Iran pertaining to its military program, this will remain separate from the weapons analysis section (for instance, i'm still going to do an in depth analysis of the Jamaran separately, eventually). These sections will be just short comments.

Source: PressTV

Inducted into IRIN service today, the 76 - Jamaran was one of the 'big ticket' items from the Iranian indigenous weapons manufacturing industry. The Mowj class frigates emerged at the tail end of a period when Iran was still focused on rebuilding its conventional armed forces and has not yet warmed over the idea of asymmetry as a strategy that was anything else but a last resort. The Mowj was likely designed to replace the three Alvand-class frigates now in service, drawing substantial inspiration from the their original design.

It has drawn considerable ire for being christened a 'destroyer' when it is quite obviously a frigate. This is likely traceable to a run-of-the-mill translation error then any attempt at disinformation or ignorance on the IRIN's part.

In terms of other weaponry, it maintains much the same armament level as the Alvand, carrying the same 76 mm cannon, 20 mm AAA guns, quadruple Noor AShM launchers, and six torpedo tubes. However it does carry a 40 mm AAA gun that is produced locally under the name Fath-40. It is likely radar guided. Main anti-air capability is provided by two SM-1 launchers oriented horizontally just forward of the Fath-40.

Other features like the electronics suite and powerplant remain unknown at this time.

Overall though, the Jamaran is a significant step forward for Iranian shipbuilders, it represents the first large, completely indigenous system compared to the other frigates and patrol boats that have been imported, albeit, heavily modified.

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