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Saeqeh UAV

Saeqeh UAV
Meaning "Lightning Bolt", the Saeqeh is a basic target drone and comes in two variants manufactured by Qods industries. (1) It is alternately known as the N-Q-A 100.
Saeqeh during Blow of Zolfaqar Wargames in 2006 (Mehr News)

Both variants share the same design featuring narrow, pointed fuselage with a large cropped delta wing and a single tailplane. Like the Ababil, control surfaces are found on horizontal surfaces, but not on the vertical tailplane.

It uses the same WAE-342 pusher engine as the Ababil.

Launch is via RATO or pneumatic launcher and can be recovered via parachute. (2)

Some models carry a static, forward facing camera in the nose, similar to the models carried by the Mohajer-2/4. This cannot positively be identified as a unique feature of the Saeqeh-2 versus the Saeqeh-1. 
Forward facing camera on the Saeqeh visible (


The most basic of target drones, the Saeqeh-1 only has basic radio control. (3)

Nearly physically identical to the earlier model, the Saeqeh-2 first flew in 2002 alongside the Mohajer-4 (4)

In a step-up from basic radio control, the Saeqeh-2 now has GPS guidance. It can also mimic different radar and IR emissions allowing it to serve as a decoy both defensively and offensively for penetrating an enemies air defenses. (5)

Saeqeh-2 (6) (7)
Length: 2.81 m 
Wingspan: 2.60 m
Height: NA
Empty Weight: NA
MTOW: 60 kg 
Payload Weight: NA
Cruise Speed: 250 km/h 
Endurance: 45 min 
Range: 50 km 
Ceiling:  3.35 km
Powerplant: 25 hp WAE-342
Payload: NA

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