Monday, March 28, 2011

Safir 1/4-ton Tactical Vehicle

Safir 1/4-ton Tactical Vehicle
***The Following is an Excerpt from "Iranian Military Capability 2011"***

¼ Ton tactical vehicles are among the most common vehicles in the IRIGF, serving as transports, weapon platforms and multipurpose vehicles. Iran's stock centers around the ubiquitous “Jeep” design and includes the M-38 and it's civilian counterpart, the CJ-5 named 'Shahbaz' in Iran, which has an M-151 style front-grill, leading to some confusion over a vehicles actual ID. Also used is the later M-151 and rarely, a few other types such a land rover, or a Soviet Gaz, but these are rarely used.

The Safir is a ¼ ton tactical vehicle modeled after the M-38 light utility vehicle. A new generation of 1 ¼ ton-class Safir tactical vehicles is under development. However, no hard data is available yet.

The Safir is a light, open topped utility vehicle with optional soft cover. It's suspension is beam-axle, which is one of the way's to tell it's based off the M-38 rather then the later M-151 also in Iran's inventory. The Safir can be distinguished from the M-38 by its sharper angled body panels, hood and by its distinctive grill.

The Safir features a new 105 hp Nissan Z24 engine. It can be outfitted in various forms, from a 4 seat passenger model to carrying weapons such as 107 mm MLRS system, recoilless rifles or ATGM's.

Specifications: Safir
Crew: 1+5
Weight: 1.5 tonne
Length: 3.51 m
Width: 1.69 m
Height: 1.88 m
Engine: 105 hp Nissan Z24
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Max Range: 500 km
Armament: 106 mm or 76 mm recoilless rifle, OR 12.7 mm machine-gun, OR mortar, OR Toofan ATGM, OR 107 mm MLRS, OR other.

Larger Safir prototype (Mir Hossaini at

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