Friday, March 6, 2009

Towsan-1 ATGM

Not to be confused with the Tosan light tank, the Towsan, or M113 as it is rarely called(again, not to be confused with the American-made APC) is a domestic copy of the Russian Konkurs, or AT-5 Spandrel ATGM. Used by both the army and the navy, it will be in use both by infantry teams as well as mounted on vehicles such as the BMP-2 and the version of the Boragh armed with the 30 mm cannon in the same manner as the former. The production line was inagurated in January of 2000. At the event the defense minister Ali Shamkhani noted that they would attempt to widley export this missile to buyers throughout the region, most likely alluding the the hezbollah connection.

We can assume the actual working of the missile and launcher are the same as the original AT-5 Konkurs.
-The guidance of the missile is SACLOS(semi-automatic-command-line-of-sight), although when being jammed, the commander can take over and manually guide the missile via MCLOS. Commands are transmitted via wire control.
-The missile is fired at 80 m/s, but then quickly accelerated to 200 m/s
-Penetration is 950 mm RHS
-Max range of 4000 m, min of 100 m, range using the night sight is 2500 m