Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iran Armed Forces Day 2010

This was a big year for the the Armed Forces Day, and so far it's been an even bigger day for Iranian military enthusiests.

Highlights from the parade include

- S-300 clone
- Stealth Drone scale-display
- AMAZING shots of the 23rd commando division
- Just all around good images

Detailed review coming later

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Iran Builds High-Tech Air-Defense Shield

"Iran Builds High-Tech Air-Defense Shield"

Source: Fars News

Iran has introduced the Mersad air-defense system that is linked to the Shahin medium-range SAM that was introduced around a year ago, though only recently entered into production. The Shahin was based off the HAWK medium-range SAM which was delivered to the Shah when Iran still maintained relations with the west.

However, both systems are fairly different from the original HAWK system. For instance, the old parabolic dish seeker head has been replaced with a pulse-doppler array.

The Mersad on the other hand is the name for the system as a whole, including the Shahin missile. It still retains the overall configuration of the original I-HAWK delivered to Iran, but there are some difference.

First off, the ROR or range-only-radar, used as a backup to the main radar, has been done away with, or so we can assume due to it's notable lack from any photos of the battery. This is done just to simplify the system while not losing an essential system

Second, all the sub-assemblies have been digitized with solid state electronics, though this might not be unique to the Mersad program and may or may-not apply to the other HAWK systems in use. New monitor displays have replaced many of the older analog controls.

Third, the CWA radar, used to detect targets, has been redesigned from a half-cylinder to a box shape, though it is unclear if there is actually a new design.

Fourth, the HPI radar, while remaining largely the same, has a new optical and/or laser "eye" on the upper portion, though it's exact function is still unknown.

(Foreground: CWAR, background: HPIR)

Lastly, while we were unable to observe this, the press releases did indicate a heavy emphasis on networking between the different batteries, likely allowing them to share targeting information creating a more effective integrated air defense system.

(foreground: HPIR mount without antenna, background: Shahin missile)