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The 48th 'Fath' Brigade

The IRGC's 48th 'Fateh' 'Fath' Brigade is based in the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, and is associated with the IRGC-GF's South-West 'Karbala' Operations Headquarters. [1]

The brigade has played a large role in combating the Kurdish insurgency in the country's northwest, suffering more than a handful of casualties, including high-ranking commanders. [2] In particular, the brigade took part in the summer/fall-2011 offensive against PJAK that led to a ceasefire that has remained in place ever since. [3]
Via Boyer News and KB.Basij.IR

As of November 2013, the brigade is commanded by Brig. Gen. 2nd-Class Yunis Amiri. [4] The deputy commander is Col. Mazaheri. [5]

The location of the brigade's headquarters or primary garrison is unknown. Although nothing has been reported regarding the composition of the brigade per se, a great deal has been written about the Basij units subordinate to the brigade. In fact, the degree to which the reporting characterizes Basij and IRGC-GF forces as one-in-the-same underlines the effects of General Jafari's 2008 reorganization, which formally folded the Basij into the IRGC-GF, and which was bolstered following the 1388/2009 'sedition'.

At least six Basij combat-battalions have been identified in the province, though the total number likely total eight or more, corresponding to each of the province's counties. These include the 481st, 483rd, 484th, 485th, 487th, and 488th battalions.

The 481st is identified as an 'Imam Hussein'-type battalion. [6] Both the 483rd and 485th are also 'Imam Hussein'-types; the former is based in Dana county. [7] The 484th is based in Basht county and is currently commanded by Maj. Gerami. [8] The 487th is an unknown type and is based in the Dehdasht. [9] The 488th is an unknown type and is based in Charam county. [10]
Ethnic-Luri Basij on parade, armed with 'Persian Mauser' rifles
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These 'Imam Hussein'-type battalions are supplemented by 'Beit al-Moqdas'-type battalions also assigned to each county. [11] [12]

These battalions are nominally organized under 'areas' determined by county, which are further broken down into 'zones' and 'bases', which gives the appearance of independent command chain, but since these are commanded by IRGC officers, any separation is negligible.

Update :
Panorama of base shown below

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  1. I believe its correct name is 48th FATH brigade

  2. Always great stuff, Galen! It seems like most of the imagery in Google Earth is a bit old and since these are battalions, I am assuming they are relatively small and difficult to spot on satellite imagery? I have been looking in the cities named and others in the region, I have found only one site that could be considered military. I will keep looking. Really like your work!

  3. It's a mix of both those factors. The IRGC-GF should have an active-duty garrison somewhere, but who knows where that is. Moreover, because they rely on reservists far more than the Army, their bases aren't nearly as large, even when the units are ostensibly the same size. A Basij base is going to be - in most cases - indistinguishable from a large-house, or small commercial facility - which makes it difficult to identify without contextual information (Wikimapia annotations being among the most useful).

    I think I was able to find one of the bases associated with the 488th Bn in Charam; I'll update the post to show it.