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[Translation] - Recognizing the Enemy and Paying Attention to the Leader's Guidance Keeps the County Safe

Title: Recognizing the Enemy and Paying Attention to the Leader's Guidance Keeps the County Safe
Date: July 15, 2014 / Tir 24, 1393
Source: Tasnim News

Tasnim News: The director of intelligence in Sistan & Baluchistan said: Familiarization with the enemy, and paying attention to the guidance of the Supreme Leader [and the] Quran, is a roadmap for confronting the Arrogance and [protecting] the country against damage.

In a conference on the activities of terrorist groups in the Islamic world, the director of intelligence in S&B said to Tasnim News in Zahedan: Our Islamic Revolution occurred in conditions that affect the whole world, an area of soft and hard confrontation between two poles of the world, in which one was located in America, and the other in the Soviet Union.

He added: In Islamic Iran, Khomenei's leadership and his enlightened guidance based on Islam transformed the world order and the [balance] of power by taking a third form.

The director of intelligence in Sistan & Baluchistan said: Centered around Iran, Islam encountered these two camps, both of which used policies to confront the [Islamic]-System, and became the scene of an invasion by both eastern and western enemies.

He said: The main conspiracy against Iran's Islamic System originates in the intelligence-services of those two camps, and the reason for their attention towards the Islamic Revolution … is because it is a model for all the world's oppressed.

Explaining that confronting Israel has been a primary goal since the early-Revolution, the director of intelligence in Sistan and Baluchistan said: Because of this position, hard and soft actions were began on behalf of the Arrogance in the form of a conspiracy by the Hypocrities, anti-revolutionary groups, and the 8-year Imposed War against the Islamic Republic.

The director added: In the final years of the 20th century, important events such as the failure of Russia in Afghanistan, the removal of the Soviets as the world's second power, and the Soviet's demise led to America's victory.

He stressed: This [was] important for America and forms the roadmap of their plan, [including] the use of religious extremists such as Al Qaeda, their formation in Afghanistan, and the creation of spaces necessary for their support.

The director said: Due to this strategy, the collapse of the Soviet Union created the events of 9/11 and [the US's] war with the Taliban, so that now the puppets of the Arrogance are now against the Arrogance. [paragraph unclear]

Noting that after 9/11, the approach was to turn these threats into opportunities in the form of regional projects, he said:[After] transferring al-Qaeda to Sudan and then Afghanistan, they confronted them there for the past 10 years. [paragraph unclear]

The director said: The importance of this drawn-out process with two major goals was [paragraph unclear]

The director said: The rise of Takfiris in Waziristan and Afghanistan was formed in order to send trained fighters from this region to Syria.

He said: The group's trained personnel were prepared in 81 countries around the world and went to America's war [for/against?], however it can be observed that they are deployed in Syria opposite the Resistance against Israel.

He stated: America, as well as harnessing and converting threats by transferring Takfiris from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Syria, [unclear] the forces that were arrayed against Israel with the people and government of Syria with the strategic objective of transferring the conflict from the occupied territories to Lebanon.

The director said: The Takfiri conflicts, and the drawing-out of this process, [brought] many strategic benefits, which includes downplaying the Intifada and positioning the scene of confrontation in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine over the past three years. [?]

He said: The killing of more than a hundred thousand is an outcome of the [unclear; "Aqaba"?] school-of-thought, which was planned by Israel, America, and England, [after] they lost three wars in Palestine and Arab region.

He continued: [Following their] loss in the 33-day and 22-day wars, the Intifada, and the destruction of Israel's Iron-Dome system by Hezbollah UAVs, their master-plan [became] religious-conflict and the importation of Takfiris into the region.

The director said: Due to the issues in Iraq, and the failure in Syria, their main objective is the transfer of conflicts from the occupied territories to Lebanon and the conflict between the Takfiris and Lebanon … [unclear/this map having another side?].

He said: A deep look at the function of our intelligence-services [paragraph unclear]

He stressed: Due to their designs, we are tracking all these issues, and with the creation of a common understanding, mobilization efforts, solidarity, and the necessary measures, the plots of the enemy and the Arrogance will be thwarted.

The director added: The enemy has endeavored to create a security barrier for Israel such that this regime's defense in 2013 was their strongest because the conflicts that have arisen from the actions of the Global Arrogance have diverted the consensus of the Islamic World away from Israel.

He said: I am surprised to see that the people who have gone to Syria have not fired one shot against Israel, and are being converted into a tool against Muslims, which is the plot of think-tanks [that are] the enemy of Muslims.

He stated: The creation and intensification of differences, the destruction of Shia and Sunni beliefs, and the creation of differences [between them], are strategies used by them against the Islamic world.

The director said: Khomenei's model of unification underlying the comments of the Supreme Leader [is] the principle [which] alerts public opinion, and thwarts [the enemies] plot.

Adding that provoking differences in Islamic countries is considered the main strategy of the Arrogance: Protecting unity, and the need for vigilance in confronting tricks are principles that we have in most cases, [and because of these principles], free nations in the world and Islamic-[community] can turn to us as a model.


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