Thursday, January 15, 2015

Operation Beit al-Moqdas (1982) - An Institutional Perspective from Iran's Army Ground Forces (Working Copy)

This report is a brief look at one of the more important operations in the Iran-Iraq War. The purpose of this report is to illustrate some of the Army Ground Forces history, and the way it has shaped their development over the past three decades. It is loosely intended to precede a more thorough treatment of the current doctrine and structure.

"A year and a half after the Iran-Iraq War began in September 1980, Tehran launched Operation Beit al-Moqdas, the final operation in its campaign to expel the Iraqi Army from its territory. Today, the operation holds a special place in the national memory and in the official narrative that instrumentalizes the war's symbols. The operation has also shaped the world-view of the contemporary Iranian military. In particular, for the Army Ground Forces (NEZAJA), it has been used to help articulate their doctrine and reconcile their identity as a professional service within a Revolutionary system."
Google Docs Link (pdf)

This is a working copy.  Most everything is there, but near the end of the project I happened to come across Gen. Bakhtiari's exhaustive treatment of the operation, which I'm slowly working my way though. This text will likely answer many of the implicit and explicit unknowns that beset this report. At the very least, it would allow for a great deal more fleshing out. Indeed, the parts of it I have already read were exceedingly valuable.

...and yes, in case you're wondering, saying something is a "working copy" is just another way of saying "I don't feel like editing this anymore".

HT at ACIG Forums for providing  Gen. Bakhtiari's account of the war described above, and for general research assistance ("Tom" & "Gabriel Garrido").

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