Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Translation - Iranian Army Ground Forces (NEZAJA) Organization Charts

The following organizational charts are sourced from a mysterious Persian-language document uploaded to a file-hosting site in 2011, and posted on a handful of military forums including and

The author is unknown and there are no references for any of its claims. Thus, the credability of this document is questionable. Despite the need for caution, the information presented is largely consistent with verified formations and the inaccuracies that do exist (ex: claimed location of the 71st MIB) have been observed elsewhere, indicating that the claims, at the very least, have not simply been drawn from thin air.

Unfortunately, this report dates from before the Samen al-Alaeme restructuring plan and thus reflects a divisional, rather than brigade-based, system. It is also unclear to what degree the following charts attempt to represent actual hierarchies, or are simply groupings based on type.

The charts have been edited for clarity and aesthetic appearance, but their substance remains largely unaltered. There is, as always, a significant risk of losing meaning through translation. For instance, basic-training centers are titled "cultural training centers", which likely has a specific meaning divorced from the typical use of 'culture' in a defense-context (soft war).

Chart Index:
1) Organization Overview
2) General Staff
3) Regional Operations Headquarters
4) Combat Units
5) Branch Training Centers
6) Basic Training Centers
7) Artillery Groups
8) Engineering, Communications, and Chemical Weapon [-Defense] Groups
9) Army Aviation Bases / Command
10) Material & Logistics Support Regions / Command
11) Healthcare Command
12) Manpower Department
13) Training Department
14) Planning and Programs Department
15) Combat Grouping
16) Combat Support Grouping
17) Combat Service Support Grouping

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  1. Many thanks for providing url of doc. Downloaded, now studying. And thanks (as always) for translating/assembling organizational chart.

  2. surprisingly it seems authentic although some things have changed now, 02 center is now the IRIADF officer school, Divisions have broken down to Ind brigade, 5 new UAV groups are now in the process of formation and if I am right there is a new Art group in Isfahan province.

  3. I think there are some problems in the first chart for example there are 6 IDs instead of 2

  4. also the list of hospitals in the charts only include hospitals in Tehran, there are more hospitals in other cities
    Edit:sorry to post so much comments

  5. Hello Galen, just Nico with an army site south of Shahreza. It is a quite large facility, with lots of vehicles and artillery pieces. In Wikipedia, there appears to be quite a lot of info in the comments section but I can't translate it.,51.821737&spn=0.036817,0.051026&t=h&z=15

  6. No problem Mark, my pleasure!


    Do you happen to know any more about the UAV groups? I've been trying to find any info about them, without much luck. The only two references I've seen are from an article that was published on several sites in late-summer 2013. Then there was a brief appearance by one of the group commanders during the unveiling of the Yasir.


    Ah yes, that is one of the artillery group bases, either the 22nd or 33rd ... yup, taking a look at the wikimapia page, it's the Army's 22nd AG. OTOMH, in addition to the usual towed guns, you can also see a number of GHN-45s, which are distinguished by the fact that there barrels are swung back over their tails, instead of in front of them.

  7. Unfortunately I don't know more about these UAV group, the only thing I know is that one is assigned to each of Iran Army HQs and they are in the process of formation.

    If any news is published about them, i let you know.